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While eating my way through the slow food Cheese Festival in Bra, I fell in love with Bagoss cheese. At the time, I didn’t know where it came from or how it was made, but I knew I wanted more. There were at least four different samples of the cheese at different levels of maturity. The youngest version of the cheese that had been aged for one year was sweet and supple with a fresh lightly floral aroma, while the oldest cheese, aged for two years, was intensely salty and crumbly, similar to aged Parmigiano Reggiano. When I got back to Parma I searched all of my favorite cheese shops for...

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La Quercia Rossa

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Coming from the east coast of the U.S., where it is uncommon to find whole, unprocessed hazelnuts at the grocery store, the prospect of visiting a working hazelnut orchard in Piedmont–home of the chocolate hazelnut spread made famous by Nutella–was too exciting of an opportunity to pass up. Some regard the Piedmontese hazelnut as the most delicious and most viable variety for culinary use, as its pliable consistency lends itself well to cakes, creams, and chocolates. La Quercia Rossa is a third-generation family farm turned agriturismo that uses their own crop to produce a variety...

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Tuscany tour

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  We will be traveling to Tuscany from November 12th to 20th with a group of 6-7 dedicated food and wine lovers to tour vineyards and explore artisanal local foods. The tour will begin and end in Florence and travel south to Montepulciano and Montalcino, which have produced some of Italy’s greatest wines for eight centuries. We will spend several days exploring Siena and the Chianti district and will visit to the stunning medieval sites of Monte San Savino and Monte Oliveto Maggiore. This trip is for serious food lovers, including first-time visitors and those those who already know...

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Baltimore Crab Cakes

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There are few things that we Baltimoreans take more seriously than our crab cakes. They must be made with lump back-fin blue crabmeat. They’ve got to have just the right proportions of crab to breading (preferably only enough breading to hold the meat together), just the right level of broiled toasty crispness on the outside, and restraint in the seasoning so as to let all of the naturally sweet crabby goodness shine through and take center stage on the palate. My first year of college in California, desperate for a taste of home, I was overwhelmed with excitement when I saw “Maryland...

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Is Michelin’s star falling?

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Michelin’s move from Paris’ chic 7th Arrondissement to the decaying suburbs is worrying enough. The Michelin guide has also been floundering for an editorial director for seven months and resorted to hiring a management consulting firm to help them survive another century. But Accenture’s assessment was not good–the venerable red book will lose 70 million Euros by 2015 unless the company changes their ways. The Michelin tire company became a French cultural institution when it started reviewing restaurants back in 1900 and publishing their starred rankings in a little...

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