Our Team

Handsome devil.

Corey O’Hara is a food policy wonk with an obsession for frozen treats. He was born in Portland, Oregon, in the heartland of America’s local food movement, lived in Brooklyn, New York, where that movement has taken root with a vengeance, and now splits his time between Boston—where he is pursuing a PhD at Tufts University—and Kathmandu—where he works with small farmers suffering the effects of a rapidly changing climate.

Corey has worked within the global food system at every level, from facilitating dialogue between multinationals and NGOs to building nutrition and economic development programs for smallholder farmers in Nepal. A decade of food and travel writing, two graduate degrees, and twelve years working with corporate and nonprofit international development programs convinced him that around the world, we’re losing the local traditions that make foods healthy and sustainable. He founded Via Gusta to re-introduce people to these traditions and to forge bonds with others who share his passion.

A more nebbish Woody Allen?

Adam Salberg is a nerd. An ex-girlfriend once called him “a more nebbish Woody Allen,” which he took as a compliment until he looked up “nebbish” and re-watched Annie Hall. Despite some surprisingly persistent Google search results, he is not a thief or a registered sex offender in the state of South Dakota. A graduate of Fordham University, Adam spends most of his time providing research and consulting services to small businesses and non-profits. At the moment, that means he’s living in West Africa. When he’s not working he can frequently be found in the kitchen, experimenting. Adam is relatively certain that when all the cards are down, history will show the invention of pizza to be humanity’s greatest achievement. He is a firm believer that there are few problems that can’t be solved with the right ice cream.