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Know thine enemy (and eat it)

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Food and Water Watch has included the following invasive species in their “Smart Seafood Guide” this year. The theory goes, since we’re really good at overfishing food fish to the brink of extinction, why not make food out of the fish we want to get rid of? Asian carp Asian shore crab Asian swamp eel Chinese mitten crab European green crab Lionfish Mozambique and blue tilapia Rusty crawfish Walking catfish A few chefs were already feeding their diners some of these nefarious invaders before FWW caught on to the trend. Miya’s Sushi in New Haven has an entire menu...

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Frozen treats, NYC style

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In case you missed it, we’re in the middle of a heat wave in the eastern U.S.–and since ConEdison has asked us to conserve power to the extent possible, I’m turning off the a/c and heading to a local ice cream shop. What better way to cool down? Right now creative frozen treats are all the rage here in New York, and I hope this trend outlasts the usual three-month NYC hipness schedule. The Williamsburg Flea Market’s Saturday Smorgasburg should go a long way toward supporting some of these small businesses. Judging from the quality I’ve seen (including donuts...

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But… how could something so tasty be bad?

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It looks as if there’s even more evidence–and very good analysis of it–that suggests that meat and dairy are bad for the environment. Well, crap. (And crap is definitely part of the problem.) The Environmental Working Group just released a report on why we should be eating fewer animal products. The report tells a compelling story, though it’s not a story some of us would like to hear. The production of meat and dairy uses large amounts of pesticide, fertilizer, fuel, feed, and water, and it releases greenhouse gases, manure, and toxic chemicals into our air and...

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Is Michelin’s star falling?

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Michelin’s move from Paris’ chic 7th Arrondissement to the decaying suburbs is worrying enough. The Michelin guide has also been floundering for an editorial director for seven months and resorted to hiring a management consulting firm to help them survive another century. But Accenture’s assessment was not good–the venerable red book will lose 70 million Euros by 2015 unless the company changes their ways. The Michelin tire company became a French cultural institution when it started reviewing restaurants back in 1900 and publishing their starred rankings in a little...

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No regulation for biotech grass

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In policy news: the Department of Agriculture decided this week that it doesn’t need to regulate a new, genetically modified Kentucky bluegrass. The grass is resistant to glyphosphate, so it will be a boon to homeowners who will be able to spray their yards with Round-Up to get rid of pesky dandelions. USDA didn’t say that this grass poses no risks–it only said that this isn’t under their jurisdiction. USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) only regulates GM crops with genetic code from microbes or potential pests. What does this mean for...

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